Senior Home Care

Above the Rest Home Care is an amazing home care solution for Las Vegas residents who want to keep their independence and dignity by continuing to live in the comfort of their own homes. Let our highly experienced Personal Care Attendants make your life easier with a personal plan of care that ensures a peaceful in-home care experience. We understand the fact that certain illnesses are more common to seniors. Therefore, our Personal Care Attendants receive special training with clients who have Alzheimer's disease and related dementia illnesses.


Above the Rest Home Care provides a range of services to aid your particular needs. Our care assistants include Homemakers, Companions, and Personal Care Attendants.

We have skilled caregivers experienced with childcare, as well as those who are educated in Alzheimer's & Dementia. We provide caring for patients of all ages and guarantee quality care every time.

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Post Operative Care

Above the Rest Home Care offers a private and peaceful recovery process with a caring and knowledgeable staff. We are dedicated to helping you achieve optimal healing and peace of mind. We take great pride in our patient’s safety, comfort and privacy.

At Above the Rest Home Care we specialize in the care of post-operative clients. Our Personal Care Attendants eliminate the obstacles to a healthy recovery and provide each client a caring environment that reduces recovery time.

Our Personal Care Attendants are experienced in all aspects of surgical aftercare including dietary restrictions and medications reminders.

We also advise our clients on infection and injury prevention. We are with you every step of the way offering guidance and promoting a healthy post-operative experience.

All services are coordinated with your discharge Plan of Care ensuring a complete continuum of care. This means you are not alone.


Cancer Care

Above the Rest Home Care specializes in caring for those dealing with Cancer treatments. Our personal care attendants have received extensive training and have had the experience of caring for a friend or family member who have gone through Cancer and Cancer treatments.

Let our highly qualified Personal Care Attendants assist you through life’s most challenging times. There is a unique bond that forms between those who understand the challenges that come from facing Cancer. Allow our personal care attendants to make your life a little easier with a personal care plan that will ensure a safe environment to allow recovery to occur.

Alzheimer’s Care

Deciding which in-home care is the best option for you can be a challenge. That is why we at Above the Rest Home Care, understand the sensitivity that must be taken when a friend or family member suffers from Alzheimer’s or Dementia related diseases.

Let our highly experienced Personal Care Attendants ease the process with a personal plan of care that ensures a peaceful and satisfying in-home care experience. Above the Rest Home Care personal care attendants receive dedicated training in Alzheimer’s and dementia related diseases. We understand that communication skills are essential in caring for those with advanced Alzheimer’s disease. We also understand the delicate nature that is required for those who have just been diagnosed. All of our staff members and Personal Care Attendants are compassionate, knowledgeable, skilled and dedicated to providing optimal results, with peace of mind.